Friday, August 19, 2005
  You cheap, cheap bastard.
When I saw this I thought of Mr Leech...

Tesco value valentine cards: Now in packs of 50!! Made from recycled (toilet) paper. Questionable fragrance included. Posted by Picasa

Because there's no better way to show your loved one that your relationship is strictly not materialistic. Every person who's been through university in England living the broke-ass student lifestyle will immediately recognise this nifty design from their trolley-filled tesco value foodstuffs. The label that tells you you're buying the cheapest crap you can dig out of the leftovers at the bottom of the cheapest stuff. I overheard a local radio DJ once saying:

" You know you're a student when beans on toast become a regular mealtime favourite and you start using a soap bar as shampoo."

UPDATE: I've been noticing quite a few anonymous 'spam' comments coming in today. To be honest, I never knew if spam existed in blogs. Maybe I'm just naive because the BOE has been a pretty quiet and private blog since it started. NO, I don't want to buy your photographs. NO I don't want to buy real estate. NO, I don't want your sports products. We aren't attention whores who plug comprehensive traffic meters into our blog but a glance at 'profile views' shows there's been quite a jump in traffic since I posted yesterday's article and the spam seems to have gotten on that boat of newcomers. Word verification is now on for commenting.

UP-UPDATE: I'm sorry guys....but if you are not seeing the title banner and other pictures that should be appearing, it's nothing wrong with your computer or internet connection. Due to the sudden traffic, BOE is a bit of a deer caught in the headlight. I'm experiencing technical problems never really anticipated. Images here are hosted by Geocities and until today, I never knew there was even a 'data transfer' limit of 3GB/month. Geocities has decided to block all data transfer for 1 hour after exceeding this limit. But this has happened the second time today (that I know of anyway). But don't worry... I will be working on alternative solutions to fix this so that you can once again see our "patriotic" banner and pretty pictures. Afterall, they DO make up half the substance of this blog to compensate for the rest of this gibberish some might call 'blogging'.
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