Thursday, July 21, 2005
  Revenge is a dish best served cold.
Lord of the Flies

You've been working on this deal for years. This meeting is the cumulation of hard work, sweat, tears. A potential partner sits across the table. He's got the cash you need to finally reach your dream. Numbers are flying around like flies. But that's not the only thing criss-crossing the room. A fly is flying like a fly, buzzing this way and that. It's hot. It's sweaty. The pressure is on. And that Goddamn fly won't go away. It keeps annoying your investor. Your partner. Your saviour.

And then it happens.

The potential partner stands up, screams profanities about the insects and walks out, taking with him your hopes and dreams.

What do you do?

Article by Simon World (20 July 2005).
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