Tuesday, July 19, 2005
  Suddenly It's Cool to be Uncool
So it seems after popular culture hijacked gay culture and spawned metrosexuals, the masses seem to have found a new victim to leech off on; the "uncool" people. The recent trend seems to have dorks becoming self-proclaimed dorks, but inevitably drawing 10 posers for every real nerd that exists.

CNN - "The O.C.," a TV show popular with teens, has Seth, a comic-book loving nerd played by actor Adam Brody. Bands such as Weezer also feed off the dork image, complete with horn-rimmed glasses and a song about being OK with not fitting the Beverly Hills mold. "Napoleon Dynamite" has a fan club; its Web site claims 150,000 members.

And, increasingly, people are parading around in shirts that say "Dork Pride!" among other things. Such items have gotten so popular that CafePress.com, an online merchandiser, has created a special category for shirts and other items celebrating geeks, dorks and nerds.

Speaking of The O.C., please don't ever attempt to watch the tv drama One Tree Hill. If you hated The O.C., (which I didn't mind really despite it being soap opera for the teenies) YOUR EYES WILL BLEED FOR DAYS if you see One Tree Hill. As did mine. I downloaded one episode just to check it out and the viewing experience was somewhat similar to vomitting and then trying to eat your vomit, if only your eyes could vomit. It is an epitome of canned tv entertainment for the masses that is 100% proccessed by a team of monkey scriptwriters. So unless you have an appetite for ultra corny/cheesey one-liners, painfully predictable conversations, good boys that pretend to be bad boys, and tv shows where mothers and daughters look like they could be siblings, then this is your luxury buffet. Otherwise don't say I didn't warn you. I'd put fresh batteries into my remote control just in case...
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