Tuesday, July 05, 2005
  Reiterating stupid culture
So today I made another trip down to Friendster town. I held my eyes shut and logged in to avoid being blinded by stupidity, which never seems to work. Some might say it's metaphorically literally like jumping into a pond of shit. Inevitably after clicking on a friend's profile, a glance at 'Popular searches in xxxx's network' showed this.

Stupid people search stupid things. Posted by Picasa
Number 2 is a horny bastard.
Number 4 gets 1 stupid point for being a horny bastard and 10 stupid points for not knowing how to spell "naked". He is obviously looking for the Sarong Party Girl.
Number 6. I'll admit not being much of a club-goer, but surely this is not the 70s anymore where John Travolta has his weekday leather, and then his Saturday Night Fever leather wardrobe.
Number 7 is another horny bastard.
Number 8 is a chinese 50cent wannabe.
Number 9 is an insecure girl who needs a quiz to determine 'true love'.
And I'm still contemplating if number 10 should take the dumbass award from number 4 for needing internet advice on how to do up his hair. Maybe he should do a search on how to grow a brain first before trying anything else.

Maybe later we can braid each other's hair... Posted by Picasa
While Friendster might be a great way of finding long lost friends, or sometimes bumping into your long lost nemesis, it's still equally amusing when you receive an email with a subject title that reads with great enthusiasm,"Whew! XXXX really does like you on Friendster". Sometimes I wish they'd have an equivalent network for fiends who want to add each other to their shitlist. I'm sure the testimonials there would be 10 times more honest and 20 times more fun to read!
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