Sunday, July 03, 2005
  Things to cross off my To-do list before I die...
Number 53: Be the only yellow guy at a rock/metal concert.
June 14th was my long awaited day to finally attend a REAL rock show. Despite having been to Sum41 and Hoobastank in Singapore, nothing beats the experience of finding yourself amongst other metalheads (not to mention hot goth chicks) headbanging to the sound of System of a Down. I was there with my brown skinned friend from Brunei and I think it's fair to say we stuck out like a sore thumb. We did try to play an asian version of 'Where's Wally' in the crowd while we waited for the band. Our failure to find 'Wally' proved either our fellow asian friends (and by asian, I mean asian-asian) were just to engrossed with their cantonese music to bother with some good ol' heavy metal, or they were too cheap to buy a £20 ticket.

The curtains fall and SOAD explodes onto stage.

The crowd was great. They ranged from young kids (who listen to too much angry music for their age) all the way to people who looked like they existed since the Metallica days. I think I may even have spotted a mom or two who were accompanying their kids; a definition of a cool mom! Or maybe not if she decides to annouce your curfew in front of the moshpit.

Unfortunately, my digital camera was too shitty to take any close-up shots because it didnt have a zoom. It's what you get when you buy things with f*cking reward points. Or if someone bought it with rewards points and THEN gave it to you for christmas.

My fellow gothic minions!!

So yes, the concert was better in every way compared to Sum41 and Hoobastank. Hoobastank was too commercialised because it was organised by a local bank although there were some pretty good opening bands doing covers for Muse and Pearl Jam. But some bitch behind me loved Hoobastank so much as to continuously jeer at the opening bands the whole time. Fucking women...they only go to rock shows if there's a pretty boy on stage. Sum41 was equally filled with teeny boppers (some innocent looking teens looked really..really misplaced in the moshpit) but was a classic example of how weird rock shows are organised in Singapore and geared towards optimum profit-making. The difference between a $100 moshpit ticket and a $50 standard ticket was a short fence away. It seemed quite bizarre that as I stood at the corner of the stage, the guy in front of me, but with a short barrier in between us, had paid $50 more. $50 is already daylight robbery. And just to rub it in their face (the people who paid $100), Sum41 encourage everyone outside the fence to jump over. Who's gonna argue with that?? The horrified look on the faces of the people already inside the moshpit was almost worth the 50 bucks itself.

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