Tuesday, July 05, 2005
  I Hate Music
I discovered this amusing blog a long time ago via SomethingSomething but I've recently came back to it to find my "re-appreciation" of this music critic. Tanya Headon, author of the blog, has an impressive archive of music reviews, all of which earn an automatic rating of negative 5 stars. It's an interesting perception of "world class" songs all being on the same level as Britney Spears by someone equally difficult to perceive as having no musical-liking as well.

My name is Tanya Headon and I hate music. All of it. The purpose of this weblog is a simple one: to detail, week on week, the failings and infinite wretchedness of the stuff, building into an encyclopaedia of musical badness.
Much of this music will generally be called 'good' by critics. Some of it you might be a fan of. Rather than get offended, think of this as the virulent opposite of all those smarmy Record Guides with their star rankings and chin-stroking critical weightings. Here, everything gets one star.
If you feel the need to disagree with me, you
may. However, it is worth pointing out that while I have every respect for your musical taste, you are wrong.

Some reviews I have seen include The Darkness and Britney Spears. It's always great to see someone put out on the internet the overly-deserving opinions that I was never able to express in words. But if you visit her website, don't say I didn't warn you that at least one of your favouritest bands will be on that shitlist. Agree or disagree, it's all just for fun.

"I'm too famous now to link to anybody, or that's what my publicist tells me." - Tanya Headon (I HATE MUSIC)
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