Wednesday, July 20, 2005
  Singapore Rebel
Thanks to Steve McDermott at Singabloodypore for finding a link to a web-hosted video clip of the 'banned' documentary film Singapore Rebel. You can download it here. Hopefully it stays on the net unlike previous ones that were apparently pulled offline.

Clocking in at only 26 minutes, the film is not going to be your in-depth Bowling for Columbine or F9/11. Considering it was directed, written, edited AND filmed by one man alone, Martyn See, the amateur film is still definitely a nice starter to the politically-naive Singaporean. No narration is in this documentary, and perhaps 26 minutes is a bit short to really explore all the facts to really open up an interest in Singaporean politics for someone new. Anyway, it's only a 105MB in size. It wouldn't kill you to spend some of your expensive highspeed broadband to watch this.

" order to get that kind of behaviour, for this flock [of sheep] to move away at dusk, you need three things, three factors. One, there must be fear. Two, you must deprive the indivdual animal of information. They must keep its head down and not look up. You must make sure that those that step out of line are quickly punished. And of course it helps to have a bunch of running dogs all around. The question is my friends, are we sheep?" - Dr Chee Soon Juan
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