Thursday, August 11, 2005
  Slander, the Ann Coulter way
And so I spring back into action, provoked by something which is actually so small and insignificant that I will later kick myself. Yes, I have feet, I'm only a pretend leech, duh. But then, I used to think Ann Coulter was only a pretend right-winger. I'm not joking. What smarter tactic could there be to embarass America's right wing than to have some liberal in disguise pretend to share their politics, while simultaneously spouting crap. To a wounded and now disabled Vietnam war veteran she once said: "People like you caused us to lose that war."

But no, she's not a liberal conspiracy to cause America's right to self destruct, rather a latter day Eva Braun with a very big mouth. Convenient. Most of the time she uses it to keep her feet warm. She is also author of Slander, an example of a wonderful innovation: The Self-Refuting book. That's right. She saves you the trouble of disagreeing with her by disagreeing with herself. At the beginning she whines that American liberals [anybody left of Reagan, basically] can't argue, but only know how to launch ad hominem attacks. Feeling compelled to teach the world that only a prize fool would resort to name-calling, she goes on to slime everyone from the Clintons, to Larry Flynt to Gerald Ford with such insults. It's a real tour de force, for those who find Beavis and Butthead sophisticated anyway. The rest of us can only marvel as logic, facts and reasoning are cast aside. That's right, I read it ALL. That was back in January, when I was slightly bored. Since then, I've had no intention of reading the follow up, Treason, which I have to assume is just her moaning about treason and then saying treasonous things.

Such cretins are there for the attention, and unfortunately she gets it, much to the disdain of liberals, Democrats and old-style pre-Reaganite Republicans. At times like this it is necessary to heed the advice of our learned parents. Have you ever been told, when pestered by a bully, to "ignore them and the'll go away"? Well, it applies to circus freaks too. The most self-destructive thing anybody could do is get wound up by a woman who even manages to disagree with herself. And the void she leaves would greatly benefit political discourse, rescuing it from the depths of name-calling and distortion.

Of course, in Britain we are far too smart to have such a figure. That's what you think. Melanie Phillips, the ultimate old biddie windbag from hell, who defends any crime committed by the government of Isreal using the tiresome "anti-semitism" defence. And her favourite insult these days [applied to those opposing the war on Iraq and opposing the nomination of John Bolton, among other things] is "self-hating". So, to disagree with her trenchant analysis is to hate oneself. I can only assume there is some kind of Melanie Phillips mask for sale which one wears in these situations. I don't own one, so must resort to curling my face up like a petrified raisin that is pissed off that it's glory days as a grape are over. Recently she stated, and can we get serious for a moment, that the family of Jean Charles de Menezes, the poor Brazilian shot dead a few weeks ago by police, those attending a peace vigil to honour him, are merely "market[ing]" him as"the latest martyr for the self-haters of the free world." mmm, twisted.

Like Ann Coulter, only a fool would get their knickers in a twist over this silly trout. Only a complete idiot would waste time writing about her, only a petty moron would..., wait, just a second

Memo, kick self


Ann Coulter reminds me a lot of my sister when she was younger. It was just about the time puberty hit and all that hormonal discharge seemed to come with a lot of violent outbursts of swear words...almost like that kid from the Exorcist. It's not so bad now, although the last stupid thing I heard come out of my sister's mouth was that Hitler was a great leader. Not that she supported his ideals, but that he led his people well. Umm...yeah. If he was so great, then how did he lose WW2.

Come to think of it, both my sisters spilled a lot of bullshit before. I remember them commenting on how 9/11 wasn't a big deal compared with animal slaughter (the animal-rights activist within comes out) all over the world. This was, if you remember, around the time when one of the members of boyband Blue *barf* made that same insensitive comment and took alot of media heat. Two planes full of innocent people slam into the WTC killing thousands more and you compare it with fucking rhino horn being sold? I'd really like to see such people tell their bullshit to 9/11 families. But I see Ann Coulter has already taken the step to a new low.
I don't want to sound scary, but Hitler was a great leader in terms of how capable he was. His loss in WW2 was down to an autocratic style (people like Donald Trump think being a great leader is all about being autocratic mind you. Not that i'm comparing them in any way beyond having shit haircuts) and the fact that he extended himself a bit too much. Russia beating Germany was largely down to the population/government being forced/prepared into sacrificing shitloads of men. As the US showed in Vietnam, anyone can lose a war in those conditions, no matter how mismatched the armies are. Domestically Hitler did wonders for the German economy after the Depression (meanwhile Mussolini was being preaised by the US government for the way he adapted to the Wall Street Crash) and appealed to the bigots in the same sick but intelligent way that The Sun does today. And the way he skillfully ascended to power is only matched in my view by the genius who was Chancellor Palpatine, how is disqualified for not being real. What really scared me was when one of my Geramn ex-friends told me that Hitler had "many good ideas" shortly before telling me that Holland was not a real country. gulp
oh, btw, Mussolini was "praised" by the US, not "preaised." They didn't have misunderestimated men like George Bush mashing up the english language in those days. Still, it's good to know that more and more of America's exports are coming from overseas. whoops
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