Thursday, August 04, 2005
  Would you like the ShCity chicken, ShCity pork or the ShCity beef?
You can't blame people who find Matt Stone and Trey Parker's South Park distasteful. Afterall, they've portrayed every single stereotype in America (note: not American stereotype) in the most extreme possible sense. You can easily turn any joke on South Park, or Team America, into something offensive to a particular group of people even without it being obvious at first. I read a comment by someone once who said how Michael Moore blowing himself up on Team America was a 'fat joke' i.e. offensive to fat people. In that particular scene at the Team America HQ, Michael Moore infiltrates the base as a suicide bomber and blows himself up, apparently with sticks of "sausages" attached to his body (Matt & Trey improvised a lot of the props)...which are suppose to be sticks of dynamite.... I guess. Maybe these 'fat' critics saw red sticks and hallucinated sausages instead. I dunno.

Mayor of South Park: "...And so we want you to design and build a Great Wall all around the city."
City Wok owner: "I don't build wall. I just own operate City Wok."
Kyle's dad: "We just think that you're the best person to put up a wall. We're sure you've got it in your blood."
Owner: "Oh I get it... Just because I Chinese you think I build wall! That bullsh*t! I'm not stereotype ok?? Just because I Chinese don't mean I go round building wall! I'm just a normal person like all you! I eat rice and drive a'really slow just like the rest of you! I'm not a stereotype!"

Mr Tuong Lu Kim, owner of City Wok, that also doubles as the city's cheapest airline City Airlines with the flip of a signboard, is America's South Park's stereotypical Chinese immigrant. Mr Tuong's wife, Wing, also makes an appearance in one episode as a Chinese immigrant trying to make it to American Idol with her 'unique' rendition of pop classics from Abba, the Beatles, Andrew Lloyd Webber etc. If you've seen this episode, then you probably know Wing is actually a REAL person. A real immigrant who migrated to New Zealand and actually lent her voice on that episode. Desperate rising celebrity? Or just the coolest Chinese immigrant in American history???

Pictures from Wikipedia

There's more to reality than just Wing. Out of curiousity, I did a Google search and... and yes. There is even a real life Sh-City Wok franchise. Thankfully they have a sense of humour not to sue Matt and Trey. And then even more interesting enough, I found Mr Garrison's eerily similar invention 'IT', which he created as the 'faster,cheaper' alternative to air travel, although the operation and driving of the vehicle is more or less the equivalent of screwing yourself...literally.

Left: Really cheap vehicle, or really expensive sex toy?
Right: Euphoria travelling at 90mph.

I right?

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