Sunday, July 24, 2005
  I PITY the fool!
Admittedly, alot of things from the 80's and early 90's are no longer 'cool' as they were when some of us were kids at the time, speaking of fashion, tv shows for example. Like when I see an episode of Knight Rider and realise after 10 years how cheesey the music actually is, or watching the Transformers movie and realising there is not a single second of the cartoon not being occupied by some weird synthesiser music. But today, I got a blast from the past at and discovered what Mr T did in his spare time while not out there kicking crime in the ass with his A Team and the ultra cool black van with the red streak. You would think that a black man who strolls the neighbourhood street today donning at least 5 kilos of "bling bling" would somehow have to be gang-related and boasting to be from the ghetto or gangster *cough*50cent*cough*. Or showing off their new low riders with extra backseat space for all them ho ho girls *cough*snoopdog*cough*. But here, Mr T, the baddest of the badass from the 80s, does the COMPLETE opposite. Still donning his jewellery neck accessories and mohawk, Mr T takes to the streets promoting moral values and good traits with a touch of his personal humour. Promoting treating your mother right comes complete with background singers with appropriate lyrics on....treating your mother right. That's right. Mr T does not advocate mentioning other people's mothers when it comes to smack talk. And definitely a favourite is his take on popular fashion culture...

"Hey. Everybody gotta wear clothes. And if you don't you get arrested. But that don't mean you gotta let some fashion designer in New York or Paris tell you what to wear. Clothes express your personality. So express yourself, and not someone else. Does Calvin Klein, etc wear clothes with your name on it?? No, of course not! So you tailor the label, and wear your own name." - Mr T on fashion advice (still very sensible coming from a walking jewellery store).

Left Mr T: Fighting bad fashion sense.
Right Thefrogiwanttocrushintomushwithmyboot: Accused of crimes against what is left of sane humanity.

Some of his advice is not always practical, but who cares. So whether you feel like having a nostalgic experience or some moral ed classes/sesame st. specials, check out his clips, all inclusive with synthesiser music!

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