Tuesday, August 09, 2005
  Why women's rights are wrong
Finally, a man, Vox Day, has braved the mass media with his anti-feminist views. As futile as I think it would be to argue his points with a woman, it's always nice to see someone serve it to the women on a nice platter with a good portion of facts and figures. Absolutely NOTHING can beat the information that statistics reveal. Truth is the essence represented by numbers. But maybe this is man's greatest strength and flaw at the same time. Everyone knows a man typically will not win an arguement with a woman. We are handicapped when it comes to arguing. Because men have a NEED to make SENSE. Women on the other hand will raise their paw and extend their claws while hissing taunts at you, call you names that you thought only existed in kindergarden, and will go at it just for their own sadistic pleasure until you give up. You'll see I'm not far off at this forum where Vox Day's original column at World Net Daily was posted.

"The guy who wrote this is an idiot. A complete idiot. It would take many, many pages to describe how idiotic every single one of his claims are.....The guy who wrote this is an idiot. A complete idiot. It would take many, many pages to describe how idiotic every single one of his claims are."
"As soon as I see a study from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics that says women cause real wage discrepancy, then maybe I'll pay attention. This person is saying the two have a direct relationship...a cause and effect relationship. I'm sure if he did a little bit more research, he'd find that there might be, oh, about a million other factors that cause it. Wasting time talking about this article gives it more attention than it deserves. There is no reasoning with somebody who is ignorant enough to buy what the guy has to offer.Read books. Lots of 'em. That's all I can say. " - King Margeret (commentator on Why Women's Rights Are Wrong forum thread)

You see, like most men would do, Vox has carefully done his homework, for the most part anyway. Facts and statements are supported by valid references. His anti-feminist blog cooly discusses the impact of feminism on American and European society. Meanwhile, not a single woman has stepped up to the challenge of providing any findings from their own research. No no, I think I will call him an idiot instead and would write pages and pages about how idiotic he is except I won't. Uhh yeah, you could write 'idiot' over and over again for 90 pages straight and it still wouldn't mean a thing if you dont have a statistical NUMBER to show for. It's easy to see how these types of critics often talk out of their ass.

"The thing that amuses me about liberal positions is that they are so prone to recommending impossible solutions to deal with easily averted problems. Faced with the problem of millions of women choosing to murder their unborn daughters, they'll advocate changing 6,000 years of Chinese culture. Right, good luck with that." - Vox Day article

Interestingly, Vox claims that there are women who are against feminist views. In his blog, you can check out a couple of emails he received, by women who share his views, and those who don't. Even Grandma seemed to have some interesting points of view. A simpler time, not neccessarily the perfect time, when men and women respected each other for their roles in life. The typical man's goal in life was to raise a family, bring in a good income to support it and care for them. But as Vox points out, the typical modern woman's ideal world is "nothing but trashy romance novels, unfattening gourmet food, robots who look like Brad Pitt and George Clooney equipped with adjustable-speed vibrating genitalia and none of those mean, brutish beings called men." Don't even try arguing with that! You know it's true... those selfish bitches. The dangerously falling birth rate could only mean that we as a modern society are stupid enough to jeopardise our own future.

"Actually, I've received more emails of support from women than I have opposing emails, let alone hate mail. In fact, the only thing that was even close was Proud Liberal's little essay, and that was downright friendly compared to some I've received in the past.My theory is that the numbers were too scary for the feminists to mess with. You know what Barbie says. Math is hard!" - Vox on fan/hate-mail.

I came across Ann Coulter about a week ago when I saw this on a T-shirt website:

Picture from ThoseShirts.com

I'd invite her into my cosy living room and offer her a nice warm cup of shutthefuckup, but unfortunately I'm all out of teabags. Ann Coulter is probably one of the most violent bitches out there that needs to get put in her place. But I digress.

"But the greatest evil of women's rights is demographic. Europe's demise is all but assured, thanks to them, as women's individual choices taken in the collective have stricken European society and brought on successive waves of feminist-friendly Islamic immigration by reducing Europe's birth rates far below replacement levels. And women's-rights advocates are now finding themselves in an ironic intellectual bind, as the onset of sex selection technology has them arguing that while a woman has a right to choose abortion, she can only do so for approved reasons.
This is because scientists are estimating that there are 100 million women missing from India and China and as the technology becomes cheaper and more widespread, this rate of loss is increasing. A U.N. official named Khalid Malik has warned that at present birth rates, with only 826 girls born per 1,000 boys, China will be missing 60 million more women within a decade. And in India, when a family already has two girls, a third pregnancy results in 78 percent of unborn girl babies being aborted.
The women of America would do well to consider whether their much-cherished gains of the right to vote, work, murder and freely fornicate are worth destroying marriage, children, civilized Western society and little girls. They can at least console themselves with the thought that, in the long run, it doesn't matter what they do, because the women's-rights ideology is an evolutionary dead end, and it is increasingly apparent that societies embracing it will not survive.
In the end, it's not that hard to understand. A little girl who is not born will never vote, work or raise a little girl of her own."
- Vox Day column at World Net Daily.

Discovered at The Knight Shift.

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