Tuesday, May 09, 2006
  The Daily Show
Two of my latest political comedian faves, Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert (or is it Ted Hitler). An old and grainy episode, but sound is fine.

- via Mr Brown
Saturday, May 06, 2006
  Why men are macho
An impartial scientific study? Or a scientist with a leftist bias... Seymour Yang of Fusion Magazine reports:

Scientists have shown that men who have had their masculinity threatened are more likely to overcompensate and act more "macho". This includes traits such as behaving in a homophobic manner, supporting the Iraq war and wishing to drive an SUV. In the research at Cornell University, 111 men and women were asked general personality questions. What the participants did not know was that the researcher would assign, at random, a gender rating determining how masculine or feminine they were, based on their supposed questionaire answers. When some men were told that their questionaire answers indicated a more feminine bias, they tended to overcompensate their maleness in subsequent surveys. They also reported more feelings of shame, guilt and hostility than those whose masculinity was not threatened. Women did not seem to be affected by the gender judgment. The idea of masculinity overcompensation is not a new one in psychology, but the study certainly adds weight to it.

Yes, of course. I can imagine Jorge Bush cuddling his little teddy bear every night before he goes to sleep...
"Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be somewhere." - George W. Bush (March 24, 2004)

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