Monday, February 13, 2006
  Happy Valentine's
It's that time of the year again when nausea is in the air.


£0.50 £0.40 £0.30 £0.15!!!

And don't forget to buy your pack of 10 red-label Tesco cards to last you a lifetime*. This product is eco-friendly** and made from recycled toilet paper and now comes FREE when you buy red-label boquet of roses***!

*Based on UK average marriage lifetime.
**May contain traces of shit. Not recommended for people allergic to shit.
***Not really roses.
8p at Asda, so I heard. I have a homing device for such cheapery. Do you know I keep getting ready to post, and then I get busy and the moment passes? ARRRGHHHHHHHHH. And none of them were about the witch. I was going to try and be original. sigh
Valentine's day is a valid excuse to get "busy". Just remember to buy a Tesco card. I am always skeptical about any card with a 1-digit price. Even if it's 7p more expensive, every little does help. Or you might end up suffering the same fate as teddy.
I think the teddy's cute... its arteries spraying tiny heart-shape droplets and all...
Well, I definitely thought the teddy looked cuter dead.

But maybe that's just me...
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