Thursday, January 26, 2006
  Mobile Montage 2004
Those were the days...

You haven't lived at uni until you've stolen an industrial-sized bog roll from the campus toilet, for shit so thick you could stir it with a stick.

Hiding the bog roll and cheesin' it.

I thought the city council was rather stingy with their playground for special kids*.

Men! Don't expect help on a Tuesday...

Housemate Rob: "Uhh...which one's the floor again?"

Housemate Min: Pissed as a chinaman can be.

Housemate Min to Housemate Bea: Pretending your conversation is really interesting when you're way...way too pissed.

And now my absolute favourite...

Housemate Min trying to get it on with Leech. The expression itself is half the picture...

*If you're wondering Leech, the special kid is just Boby being... Boby.
It takes a very "special" person to park without remembering to bring their car. Thanks for keeping my identity secret, although I think my height may have blown my cover. Ah, 2004... come to think of it, that year REALLY sucked
Come to think of it, they all sucked, but 2004 sucked the least. I had cable TV dammit! Haha, just another reminder as to how deprived I am now.

And don't worry about your secret identity Leech. If Batman could do it with half his lower face exposed, you can do it too. If that doesn't work out, you can always go buy a pair of thick black glasses from SpecSavers like Clarke Kent.
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