Friday, January 13, 2006
  Bloghunt: Mel P bashers
I've noticed some who stumble here have come in search of Mad Mel. Thanks to Leech, our religious follower of her Daily Mail rants. But I assure you this is not a dedicated Melanie Phillips bashing site. This blog is registered on Technorati, a useful tool to see what other bloggers are blogging about. And here, you will find 157 or so others who have found the itch to also mention that 'unholy cow'.

The Last Ditch is an interesting place to start for the serious reader in the british political blogosphere.

But for a more tasty discussion on Mad Mel, why not try the Commonplace Book.

Unfortunately, Melanie Phillips Watch was probably the only other blog that came close to being a true basher of the uniquely non-logician, which has now faded into non-existence. Yes, yes... the Leech still holds the torch.
I came here in search of answers. For a start why did my search for 'melanie phalangist' not find anything?
bua ha ha! i suspect this is somebody after my own heart. sir, your comment works on multiple levels. good show

Clyde, hows it going? I've been away for a bit, what's going on? why are we getting so many comments? I'm going to have to do serious fact-checking if we ever get mainstream. and who is looking for The Holy Cow? I've missed something. still, thanks for the reading material. can't wait
Mainstream??? Noooo... We are definitely Underground. Underground and shitty like the London Tube. I just had a quick browse here (,l20url,,,,Bastard) to reveal where our readers are coming from. There was one viewer who found us from searching 'beef wellingtons'...which I thought was half amusing.
"We are definitely Underground. Underground and shitty like the London Tube"

why? because people now need to take out a small mortgage to visit our site? or are we suffering from delays? and the fact that somebody came here in search of beef wellington..., well, I just hope that sarcasm is their cup of tea/ bo'le of water
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