Friday, December 09, 2005
  Everytime you buy a new Nirvana record... are feeding this:

Courtney is US$4 million overdrawn. Cue a 'new' Nirvana record. (Q)

Sometimes I wonder if it is any wonder that the widow of a rock legend has managed to fuck up so bad. A recent string of expensive legal actions associated with her drug abuse and violation of probation amongst other things have thrown her into a hefty debt. And hence Sliver was born. Featuring yet more previously unreleased demo versions of songs including Spank Thru, Sappy and Come As You Are.

I wonder what Cobain would say if he were looking upon this mortal world to see his wife milking his living memory for all its worth. Isn't it a tad bit unfair to begin with that 91% of Nirvana royalties go to Cobain's estate leaving only 9% for the other two former members of the band?
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