Thursday, November 10, 2005
  Roads to peace in the Middle East
This is rapidly becoming bash-Melanie-Phillips week. I suppose a bigger man than myself would indulge in a forget-Melanie-Phillips week, and then, naturally, not have to remember to participate. Anyway, I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt between today and the next time she racially slurs the people of Palestine (I'd give her a week) to recognise one sad story with a beautiful ending that shows that these people are not some monolithic movement seeking the destruction of Israel ("The Palestinians", as she repeatedly calls them, regardless of whether they are the PA, Hamas or the ordinary population), but, like every other group in the world, a diverse bunch who canot be tarred with the same brush.
On ITN yesterday it was reported that the family of dead Palestinian 12 year old Ahmed al-Khatib agreed to donate his organs to Israeli children in what they called a "message of peace." While caught in a crossfire in a refugee camp Jenin, Khatib, who was wielding a toy rifle, was shot in the head by an IDF soldier. He died after visits to several different hospitals, leadig to the astoishing annoucement.
It was reported by Haaretz that the IDF were there to aprehend Islamic Jihad operatives. I hope the difference shown between these two factions of "The Palestinians" is not lost on her, and that she finds time, between the anticipated posts wailing about Tony's terror laws failing, to acknowledge this.
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