Tuesday, November 08, 2005
  High horses, armchairs and strawmen
Phew, the past few days have almost been exhausting in the mental sense of the word. A fire is raging. Or has been raging. The constant battle between logic and illogic, and the constant stream of ignorance leading to an overkill dejavu of arguments.

The debate has been over the death penalty, sparked by the announcement that an Australian drug trafficker caught with over 300g of heroin is to be executed this month (see Singabloodypore). By Singapore law, carrying over 15g of heroin calls for a mandatory death sentence.

Looking forward to a much constructive debate over this issue however, it seems the only real opposition consists of conservative, pro death penalty Singaporeans who come in with all guns blazing away firing 'blank' arguments with nothing to really aim at. How truly disappointing. To see the man dance between the logic and illogic, go to this thread. But I warn you to prepare yourself as it somewhat creates a tendancy to pull head and facial hair out towards the end of the 50 odd comments. It is like a ritual dance between the two that transcends into a spiral of repetitive "strawman" arguments that hold no water, armchair commenters contradicting themselves, and those who just find it too damn comfortable on their high horses, all blending into one strobing light that eventually causes an epileptic fit to the logical.

Personally, I do not support the death penalty. And I have submitted my own perspective on this here. I'm so lucky that stupid people do not transmit their allergens over the Internet.
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