Wednesday, October 12, 2005
  How to talk to a liberal (if you must)
While browsing through Borders bookstore today, I came across Ann Coulter's series of books including Slander and her latest book How to Talk to a Liberal (if you must). All seemed to have a strikingly similar front cover. Perhaps it was the contrast of her blonde hair on everything else that was just a waste of good paper and trees that would provide the much needed oxygen for our future generations. Yet, I felt compelled to pick up her latest piece of work and read it in more detail. All this talk, however bad, of this right-wing blonde had somewhat created a hype for me personally that I almost contemplated buying the book just to see for myself why this woman yields so much respect just because she isn't afraid to step on anyone's toes.

Unfortunately (or not), $31.25 was quite a turn-off just to find out.

"I am often asked if I still think we should invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity. The answer is: Now more than ever!" - Ann Coulter (How to Talk to a Liberal)
vfudv: NOUN: The noise that one of those laser cannons makes on Star Wars. Not to be confused with vvvv, the noise a lightsabre makes when warming up.

I entered her quote into Google and the first web sites that pop up are blogs by the hard of thinking, praising her for her "wit" "intelligence" and ability to point out the "illogical" sentiments of her detractors (those who still think she is worth scooping off the ground, that is).

A few extra points to make here. Firstly, her definition of a "liberal" is anyone left of Reagan. So I think that by not talking to liberals she is setting her social life on fire.

Just as importantly: don't buy the damn thing. Think where the money goes. I read my copy of Slander in a library. Some oaf put it in the politics section, perhaps because the childrens section was flooded. I read all my Richard Perle/Michael Ledeen/David Frum/Thomas Friedman propaganda tracts in the library. If in doubt, steal the damn thing. Free speech is fine, but I'm not going to pay for the privelege of the village idiot reaching a few extra people with her message.
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