Friday, September 30, 2005
  More genius from Channel 4
...well, in truth VH1, but I'm too busy praying for the rehabilitation of C4 (last Friday they showed such an old episode of the Simpsons in the 9:00 slot, which was originally for new episodes, then for newish ones, and now apparently just another chance to rub our faces in the shit for not getting Satellite or Digital).
Tonight C4 are showing Rock School. The concept is naggingly familiar, but it would be cynical to claim they are borrowing ideas in copious amounts from any famous films. So, tonight I shall watch with an open mind, as Jack Bla- I mean Gene Simmons of Kiss*, tries to form a rock group out of some straight-laced little kids.
This is great news for those who want tro get rich quickly, and I myself am currently negotiating with C4 to give them access to my giant offshore cloned-Dinosaur compoud, which I think would make a good safari park. We could include celebreties (at feeding time, anyway) and each week we could evict/set free a random Dinosaur. There would be such hilarious antics!!!!!! Such toomfoolery and hijinks. We could call it: The Park of Jurassic Dinosaurs.

* obviously if I really meant it as a mistake, I would have erased it, instead of leaving half a name there, like a dirty great comedy fingerprint. In fact I'm very cynical, and I'd like to ask Gene Simmons if he has any shame. Since he's been in Kiss I guess he doesn't need to answer that one
Hahaha... That was such a brilliant parody I had to refrain from filling this crowded computer room with awkward laughter. I love the way the producers made little, or no attempt to hide their source of inspiration. It appears as if Gene is grasping what's left of celebrity status. Reality-tv is just a quick fix to boost your status. Rebecca Loos face had to come up again on Gender Swap. Why the hell was I even watching that!?

Great to hear you like the new layout. I found that picture of the McSoldiers of the internet and knew I had to use it somehow...heheh. I wonder if they'd shoot freedom fries out their M16 rifles at islamic jihadists...

PS: If you ever do get a deal with C4 or the BBC to do your Park of the Jurassic Dinosaurs reality show, please let me be on the team of people deciding who's "celebrity" enough.
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