Wednesday, October 19, 2005
  If only...
In partnership with the people who brought you Gene Simmons' 'Rock School'.

Due to Health and Safety issues for the dinosaurs, celebrities Britney Spears, Abi Titmus, Pamela Anderson and several others have been excluded from the list of participants due to silicone allergies of some dinosaurs. Nonetheless, we still guarantee wholesome, quality celebrities* for your viewing entertainment.

*Includes previous Big Brother participants. Anyone who wasn't a celebrity before taking part in this show surely will be after. For 2 months anyway...

UPDATE: Some alternative promos. C4 was so impressed, they immediately offered to sign us up for a second season, Park of Triassic Dinosaurs, pending successful cloning of Triassic dinosaurs on the Leech's secret little island of course.

It's all the goodiness of Reality shows in one.... minus the bad aftertaste of their celebrity existence after.

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