Wednesday, November 09, 2005
  Tell Tony he's Right
This was the front page of The Sun yesterday. It was also splashed across their website. The Sun want to use their influence to have us believe that Tony Blair is right.

The Sun told us that Tony Blair was right when he sucked up to Bush's America as part of his foreign policy.

The Sun told us that Tony Blair was right when he participated in the vicious and imperialistic bombing of Iraqi civillians.

The Sun told us that Tony Blair was right when he demanded that Afghan asylum seekers, fleeing from the hell-hole that was their country, should be sent back there because it was now safe.

The Sun told us that Tony Blair was right when he trashed the UN, even after Clare Short revealed that him and the US were bugging Kofi Annan's office.

Sun News: TERROR LAW: Tell Tony he's right

And now they think that he's right because he wants to put terror suspects behim bars for 90 days without charge, just on the suspicion that they may be up to no good.

So yes. Tell Tony he's right. Remind him that he's so far to the right that fascist The Sun backed him ahead of the Conservatives in the last election (in fact today, both Tory leadership candidates, David Davies and David Cameron are "Dumb and Dumber" on the front page of The Sun because they refuse to endorse this draconian measure) because he so effortlessly embraces the sort of neo-liberal domestic and foreign agenda that people like Rupert Murdoch want to see.

Tell Tony he's right. And while you're at it, tell Rupert "shitbag" Murdoch that Hell is a damn-sight hotter than The Sun.
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