Wednesday, December 07, 2005
  Killing in the name
Hwee Yee notes Singapore's sense of irony:

"this morning i noticed a sign on the train tracks that said value life; act responsibly.
If we cannot be sure, can we at least then forgive? Beyond all the complications of the sacrificial culture from which the death peanlty has been produced and the other spirit of Christianity which opponents – Victor Hugo being one – fall back on, can we forgive the unforgivable?

the rules: it is ok for the state to kill you. it is not ok for you to kill yourself. do not circumvent the power of the state.
everyday i die a thousand little deaths in the face of words that fly past my eyes.
a perverse kind of le petit mort."

Protesters outside the Singapore High Commission in Canberra. (ABC News)

"anyway i’m so disgusted and angry. and i really hate it that i still have expectations, that i’m still constantly disappointed by this asshole country.

i can’t wait to get the fuck out of here forever." - SomethingSomething

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"Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be somewhere." - George W. Bush (March 24, 2004)

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