Monday, December 12, 2005
  Another brilliant poll by CNN
From Pink Dome:

"I'm doing what pisses me off when y'all do it to us--being nit picky about grammar. I know 'stupider' is in the dictionary, but oh my God it gets on my nerves. I think 'more stupid' is quite adequate, nor antiquated English. And yes, Ann Coulter is more stupid than anything--regardless of the question."

Nevermind bad grammar... which CNN page do I cast my vote at!

They wheeled the word "stupider" out just for her(even though "stupid-duh" would have been more appropriate). Although I do question the wisdom of turning up for a talk of someone you hate just to boo them, it's still so funny. I heard that a few months ago she took particularly extreme measures against the people jeering in the audience. She ordered the biggest ten or so boys in the audience to eject, by force, anyone they caught booing. She's all about the free speech
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