Friday, December 09, 2005
  The Connection
Not the name of some gormless book on Saddam and Al Qaeda, but a rather pleasant discovery that might assuage the fears of readers passing by our site. What started out as a site about bashing Britain (all in good taste mind) now has a rather tight focus, or more precisely, two of them. In one corner you have a guy with fire in the belly protesting about oppression in Singapore, in the other is a petty young man who wants to see Melanie Phillips tarred and feathered. Any visitors these days would surely demand a connection to justify these apparerently disparate topics. And now I can reveal that such a link exists. Here. Wow, Melanie Phillips praises Lee Kuan Yew. We can't confirm what she thinks of his son, but seeing as he administrates an anally precise nanny state with an all too literal war on drugs we have to assume she would enjoy it there.
Ah the blog is somewhat schizophrenic in its choice of topics. Then again, this blog never even started out with the intention of being a political one in the first place. I think the choice of topics have somewhat narrowed down with the loss of Martha, currently incapacitated by a CAREER. She really put the violence and hate, blood and gore, into this blog for stupid people, from glowstick-equipped ravers to President Bush.
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