Friday, January 06, 2006
  Put the Bible DOWN, Pat
He's done it again. Pat Robertson, speaking to an audience about one million strong on his "Christian" show The 700 Club, claimed that God was punishing Ariel Sharon - currently fighting for his life - for dividing God's land. Though admitting that he found the bellicose leader "very likeable", Robertson had no problem whipping out the Book of Joel and beating him over the head with it. "The prophet Joel [a very blue collar name for a prophet] makes it very clear that God has an emnity against those who 'divide my land' ", stated Robertson, referring to Sharon's much heralded Gaza disengagement plan. The fact that the plan is a sideshow, contrasting with incursions into Palestinian West Bank territory is no consolation for Robertson, or God, apparently.

Robertson's disgusting comments about a man suffering from a dangerous stroke, and his tactless bleating about his favourite book, have left him in interesting company. President and recklessly mouthy supervillain Mahmoud 'Divine Avenger' Ahmadinejad from Iran. While stroking a white cat wearing a veil in his hollowed-out volcano the president said: "''Hopefully, the news that the criminal of Sabra and Chatilla has joined his ancestors is final*", offering superfluous proof that he doesn't like Israel much in any shape and ruling out any Get Well Soon cards when he has his own crisis [a broken neck from removing his head from his arse is still my prediction].

Of course, Melanie Phillips has her own twisted and fawning interpretation, claiming that Sharon was about to impose a state on the Palestinians [how kind. How many little pieces will it be in?], that assasination-happy nutjob Shaul Mofaz could be a good leader and then making a sickeningly racist link to what the "Arabs" [all of them?] were up to [bad things of course]. She, along with Alan Dershowitz and the Bush administration, is going to expect them to show Sharon some sympathy, a bit rich seeing as all three were very happy indeed about Yasser Arafat dying just over a year ago. Melanie Phillips should stick to what she does best and go out and scare some children. Meanwhile, there is not a person on this Earth I would want dead or suffering, even at God's alleged hands. Stay out of politics Ariel Sharon. And get well soon.

*incidentally, I think this is a fair description. The Kahan report claimed he was indirectly responsible for the atrocities committed in these camps, but that was a whitewash. Ahmadinejad could also have mentioned Qibya. Or he could have just shut up.
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