Friday, January 20, 2006
  Big Brother should be watching you
Have YOU seen this "man"?

Pete Burns: Is this what the super-evolved humans of the future will wear on their backs?

Masquerading as the gameshow host from hell on tacky C4 series Celebrity Big Brother, the very sinister Pete Burns could be in hot water over his choice in designer get-up. Police have already seized a hideous coat, at first thought to be from endangered gorilla but now confirmed as dead colobus monkey. This followed complaints from the animal-loving British public [no coincidence at all that they happen watch Big Brother then]. The BBC reports:

"If it had been found to be gorilla fur then Burns could have been prosecuted under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (Cites), which was passed in 1975. "

It's not clear what could happen next [actually, that's a lie. I just couldn't be bothered to do any research. It's only Big Brother for Christ's sake], seeing as the Colobus monkey is under threat too. Are they affected by this trade law? And just as importantly, why has there been no outrage over the two poor endangered dromedary jumping-slugs [Hemphillia dromedarius to their Latin friends] glued to his face?

The British public are a picky bunch, never considering the beleaguered molluscs of the world. If they were kittens they'd be up in arms.
Haha..I was just about to write something on Pete as well. Although the 'fur' issue is relatively quite old. Anyway, I have a confession. Yes yes, I am actually following this season's BB. And if you've been secretly betraying our own production of Celebrity Park of Jurassic Dinosaurs and watching BB too, then you probably would have really enjoyed a classic Pete character ripping into the naive, bubbly person that was Traci, on last night's episode.

Yes, he may be the oddest looking, cross-dressing she-man character on the show, and he wears a dead animal. But I've definitely grown to enjoy his bastard-coated comments dished out to those just begging for it. A female housemate of mine however seemed to have a very different opinion. And if you, like her, think that Pete is a fake, I quite honestly think it doesn't get more brutally honest than this. If you only see the book by its cover then that's really too bad.

Despite his immoral choice to wear fur, it was hilarious to watch him undermine Jodie's views on Animal Rights without actually attacking Animal rights itself. I believe Jodie joined the reality show for all the wrong reasons and she got what she deserved; get tossed out in the first week.

If I ever had to sneak in a spy to eliminate those attention-seeking bastards that usually hang around on BB shows, I would most definitely have chosen this guy to do the job. Pete, you are the bastard-coated bastard of the month.

PS: A friend told me that he saw the caption 'Breast-selling author' during an interview show with Jodie after her eviction.
I think an extremely more serious [yet to-scale] analogy is Saddam and Bush. From what I saw, Jodie was oboxious, but there are ways to diffuse this that don't involve totally destroying a person. I really can't condone bullying in any form, and I think all the anti-bullying organisations who commented got it right. The response from him and that nut-case Barrymore was excessive to the point that it told the viewers far more about them than Jodie Marsh. Bitching and joking is one thing. What he did was quite another. And he's not nearly as witty as he thinks he is.

I've encountered people like him in the past and have even behaved like him, and on that scanty evidence I have to assert that he is a fake in the same way that Cowell and Ramsay are fakes. They have an image to maintain and they do it by picking on the weakest and most vulnerable in the herd. I don't know why he ripped into Traci, but if it was simply because she was naive then there is a special place in Hell for people like him. Or the Park of Jurassic Dinosaurs.

It's called bullying and it stinks. I think I've let this book [which more closely resembles a transvestite porno magazine for sadists than a book] speak for itself.
Well the difference between Pete versus Ramsay and Cowell is that Pete so far hasn't really given a toss who he shits on. Ramsay and Cowell were obviously selling a "hard" character on their own tv shows and gullible contestants should have seen it coming if they weren't prepared. I think we can all agree the two have been relatively nice to everybody else outside of the show and I suppose you could argue only time will tell if Pete would sell out and do the same. Nonetheless, I don't see Pete hosting a show and shitting on people for the sake of it. If he calls you an attention-seeking slag *cough*Jodie*cough*, then he's probably right. The motives for "bullying" are really in different categories, if you can really call it that. I always thought bullying was defined as picking on innocent people for no reason. Anything else is just putting bitches and bastards in their place. As for Traci, I believe he was just doing that for fun and I guess I do feel a bit sorry for her, who unfortunately didn't get Pete was just playing her.

Nonetheless, I still think Pete's presence in the show is like watching Marilyn Manson make an appearance on Pop Idol. He is probably the biggest shit-stirrer and isn't that afterall, what the public audience wants?

PS: Pete wouldn't be eligible for Park of Jurassic Dinosaurs coz some of our dino contestants are allergic to silicone and all other "artificial flavourings"...
hmm, I'm not really buying that. I like my shit-stirrers, but they need to react against authority to get my vote, not against some silly girl. Did you see when Jack Dee was on Celebrity Big Brother, about five years ago? Now that's more like it.

I haven't seen much but I too have a flatmate who is obssesed with it, so some of my findings will be incomplete. But honestly, has he picked a fight with George yet?

For me, the key word you use there is 'innocent'. Bullying is simply browbeating or intimidating people, either for kicks or to coerce them into doing what you want them to. To reconcile themselves with this unpleasant reality a bully will invent pretexts, thus riding the victim of their innocence. Attention seeking calls for a smart put-down or a tactful chat, not forming a tag-team with that idiot Barrymore to make someone cry. What that freak did was to respond to a small issue with maximum force. The problem with even fairly quick-witted people is that sometimes they go too far and don't know when to stop. And an extra bonus point, in the interviews that that idiot Jodie Marsh has done since going on the show [the ones I've seen anyway], she has worn her martyrdom like a badge of pride as if the nasty experience proves that there was nothing wrong with her behaviour. In reacting to her gobby and unpleasant personality in that repulsive way, those imbeciles in the house have simply vindicated her attitudes in her head.

I hear you on the silicon. But Pete Burns could be suitable for another fake extravanganza, that's right ROCK SCHOOL 2, Channel 4, this weekend. Some bad ideas just never die. And I swear, in a few months I will feel filthy for even discussing Celebrity Big Brother.
I'm afraid the shame is already setting in for me. I'll just conclude by saying that Barrymore is capable of being an equally big shit-stirrer with an amazing capacity to make a scene out of nothing.

No I didn't catch Jack Dee on BB although I'm rather surprised why he would need this kind of crap on his CV. Still, I am even more surprised that I've held out from watching BB for far much longer than you. 5 years to be exact. By the way, did anything really ever come of the 1st season of Rock School?
Ifayrbh: NOUN, an Arabic spelling bee

top job. now I know why the delay in posting. you've been working on this little masterplan. taht quote is attributed to Einstein, but beware that some fanatical well-informed biographer of his life and times might take exception to it.

What came out of school of rock? well, 'nothing' is a good start. I think I saw Gene on American Idol as a judge, but maybe I was mistaken. It's safe to say that band aren't together anymore. And it's back on Sunday. I can['t] wait.

btw, I saw that man-monster Pete Burns having an argument with those younger kids on BB. I backed him in this one. He's a disgusting wretch, but you'd want him on your side in that kind of playground environment.
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