Monday, January 10, 2005
  Silence the People
I am the harcore heavy metal anti-social rebel
Detest the system's stereotypical label
Raise your flag against this land of hipocracy
Unshackle yourself from this place of so-called democracy.

Woman who campaigned against China's one-child policy admitted to psychiatric hospitals, tortured, then sent to labour camp.

BEIJING — China on Monday denied claims by U.S. officials and a human rights group that a Shanghai woman is undergoing "RE-EDUCATION" through labor for her campaign to abolish the country's one-child policy. Read more here.

The system claims yet another victim.

On a slightly lighter note, R&B musician Seal, part of a dying breed of true R&B culture, speaks out against other 'popular' hip-hop/rap 'artists'.

"Seal, who recently became engaged to model Heidi Klum, attacked fellow black artists for making videos which treat women as “sexual objects”.“I haven’t had a lot of contact or dialogue with rappers,” he said.“It’s sad when you see the rappers on TV and in the videos making these derogatory videos towards women ... kind of like sexual objects. And also portraying their idea of success to be ’all you gotta do is make a rap record, get the money and get the ... cars and that is success’ – and ’look at me, I’m killing it now’,” he said. Seal, the son of Nigerian parents, told Sister 2 Sister magazine: “It’s so sad because we’re damaging our own. Like, in different cultures, you would never see that." Read more here.

I've never really listened to Seal, apart from that theme he did for Batman Forever. But kudos to him for not selling out with the stupid bling bling and 'booty' videos.
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