Sunday, January 09, 2005
  History 101
KoRn takes it to the next Head do a guitar SOLO. That's right...KoRn. Solo. (Video: Another Brick In The Wall)

I remember the first time I came to the UK. It did two things for me. It gave me the worst one and a half years of my life...and then it gave me angry music to go along with it. I will always remember the trinity of albums that broke my nubile eardrums in.

1. Korn's first album [self-titled]
2. Limp Bizkit's first album [$3 Bill]
3. Linkin Park's first album [Hybrid Theory]

Thanks to my ex-roomie, Tim. And thanks to Kerrang! tv. Now my ears bleed to the sound of popular music. And everytime I am forced to listen to somebody else's shit, Jon Davis will scream Blind, or Wes Borland's down-tuned distortion drowns everything else out in my head....just to remind me how I fucking hated my life.

Sometimes I still fucking hate it.

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