Friday, December 31, 2004
  Blogs to check out...
3 and a half hours into new year's eve and I'm still browsing the net like the sad bastard that I am. Anyway, in those few hours since my last post, I've been browsing through some really interesting blogs. Just thought I'd mention a few interesting blogs/sites I discovered tonight.

-Chapel Perilous - Looks pretty interesting, but I'm still not sure what it's about......Something about octopi...
Check out the link Chapel Furnace for some interesting political food for thought. And even if you don't care that Bush is going to get all of us killed, at least there are still some funny pictures on this site.

-Yummy Wakame - It really doesn't take much to impress me as a person, as antisocial as I am. All you have to be is original and not some drone who "goes with the crowd". Her blogger profile impressed me so much, I'd reccommend her blog even if it said nothing....umm..well maybe not. (Mr Jones: Her favourite movies include Waking Life and Lost Highway..and I thought YOU were the only person who truly appreciated David Lynch..heheh)

-SaniTest- How insane are you? Should I be worried that I got a score of 6.66 out of 10?
Your SaniTest(TM) score suggests that you are quite unhinged. Although some scientists believe this condition is genetic, others theorize that it is induced through exposure to unnatural stress. But these 'scientists,' apparently, do not hear the voices. Others who scored at this level include occultist/drug fiend Aliester Crowley and US senator Jesse Helms. Post your scores in the comments if you take it :)
Chapel Perilous is a polyblog, just a bunch of friends sharing stuff.....
Wow thanks Clyde! :D
Okay...this is getting really scary. I took the sanity test and this is what I got back :

INSANITY INDEX 7.25 Careful analysis of your test answers indicates that you're demented. You see the world in a way uniquely your own, which can lead you to some very interesting places, or to jail. Although other people can sense that you have a powerful vision, you are often misunderstood. Other notable people who score at this level include the late Mother Teresa and TV curmudgeon Andy Rooney.

I guess going out with a Demented Whore is not doing me any good huh.
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