Thursday, December 23, 2004
Welcome to Bastardisation of the East, another proud product of boredom by Martha & Clyde. Here, I will try my best to display my raves and rants in an as-honest-as-possible way. The truth is, there has never been a proper outlet for me to express all my hate for the world...since it's illegal to kill annoying people and all. Friendster has become too much of a pansy-assed way of expressing one's self via 6 pictures and a "cool-funky" user profile wRittEn LiKe THiS. Honest to god, those people should be exterminated.

Anyway, I really hope this weblog takes off somehow... Martha & Clyde have much to share with the world....mostly pictures of people looking stupid. But hopefully, we can voice our opinions here and anyone fortunate to stumble here is welcome to share theirs. It is 100% freedom of speech unlike my half-commie half-republican self-proclaimed so-called democratic home country that is Singapore aka the Nanny State. You will not be critised here, nor slapped with a fine, sent to jail and have your reputation and career ruined as in Singapore.

Clyde, an emotionally crippled anti-socialist, will hate most people by default until he finds a reason to like you. Perhaps the reason is because he has an extremely low tolerance for annoying people, or that you are just extremely annoying. Who's fault it is, I don't know. Martha, an emotionally crippled narcissit, has excessive love and admiration for herself....and you will agree with her unless you have a death wish. So Clyde used to hang out at Martha's student home but never really got to know each other because clyde, the emotionally crippled anti-socialist was too stubborn to make friends with this intimidating woman watching tv with him and her housemates. While martha, the emotionally crippled narcissit was also too stubborn to make friends with this dweller in her house hogging all the sofa cushions... But fate it seems, threw a ton of bricks to build a bridge between that gap and we discovered our much shared hate for a lot of things. And thus, Martha & Clyde was born...and so was this weblog.

Good Luck

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"Those weapons of mass destruction have got to be somewhere." - George W. Bush (March 24, 2004)

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