Monday, December 27, 2004
  White Culture Lesson #1: Bottoms Up!
Reflecting on the last 3 mad days I spent in Wales, I couldn't help but remind myself how the UK revolves around booze and that without it, a sober UK would probably just remember why they hated each other in the first place and go back to war i.e. William Wallace II. Spending my first christmas here in the UK was such a let down. The streets of Manchester were as brightly decorated as Rudolf's ass (no lights lah). Not to mention a little isolated too. London didn't feel that christmas-ey either. Why? Maybe because no one wants to come waste their money in this overpriced country and even if you did have money, why spend it in a climate that can't decide whether it wants to snow or shit bricks of ice on you....if it decides to shit anything at all. So naturally, Britons fly off to places like New York (like Singaporeans to Johor Baru) to spend their superior currency.

Anyway, so it seems Brits only know how to communicate happiness, celebration and joy through alcohol. ironically, the same goes for sadness and depression. I had to smirk when I sat down with my fellow yellow friend, Min, playing a £3 "monopoly" imitation game at our friend's house when the mother came in and offered us a drink. Being the lightweight drinkers that we are as well as already having had a few, Min had to say "no thank you" to which she replied,"Come on and be sociable...". Not in an offended way..But understandably, it was the only gesture this mother knew to express hospitality. The same way she expressed christmas. Like the same way she expressed christmas eve. Like the same way she expressed boxing day. Damn, come to think of it, Christmas was one big drinking binge.. The point is, alcohol is such a big part of western culture, that I often wonder what culture would be left if there was no booze left in the world.

wasting money "in this overpriced country"..?
communicating "happiness, celebration and joy through alcohol"..?
as an ignorant [1/2] British person who has spent all his life here i always believed this was what Christmas was for...
...nah, just kidding, it's some kind of religious festival, no?

something to do with Buddha, something like that..?
We should start hanging beer cans on christmas trees instead next year no? And maybe put a couple of 6-packs under it...
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