Tuesday, January 03, 2006
  Happy New Year, casual readers
And may we see less of this:

...and of this:

...and this:

Did u choose to sanatize last years tragedies with those photos? Theyre all kinda tame.
Wow, comments coming thick and fast. Though I suspect they are both from one person. Apologies if I'm wrong AAAAAA. If so, I really appreciated your isolated piece of punctuation.

DAmiAn. Your name scares me. Do you promise to send me a comment on the 06.06.06? Anyway, whether you are being critical or observant, you are dead right. They are all deliberatly "tame" I prefer the term 'clinical']. They refer to natural disasters, war and terrorism. Although the actual photo of the Tsunami refers to something that happened in 2004. The aftermath spilled over into 2005. I thought of that five minutes after putting it up. Damn it.
I agree with Damian on this one. This is the Bastardisation of the East goddamit. To hell with clinical sanity. We want gruesome aftermath pictures. Show it for what it is!

I hope no one construes the absence of Katrina photos as anti-american condoning of hurricanes killing american civilians. That would truly take a twisted mind..
I hope not either, though I did do natural disasters as a overiding theme. I am just as fearful about Pakistanis berating us for the absence of their earthquake, or Guatemalans for the lack of mudslide references, or my friend for not showing the pivotal moment when he banged his head on a cupboard door. And happy new year to you too. I suspect your new computer means that I will never again manage three posts in a row.
Haha.. no I'm just waiting to find a suitable internet company to set up a connection at my new address. In the meantime I'm using a uni pc cluster to sneak in my first entry for 2006. There's still time to break your record before I make a come back and dilute your melanie phillips bashings.
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