Monday, April 25, 2005
  I am terrified of British culture
It sounds a bit sensationalist but when you look out the window and see all the crazy people outside you start to worry. And when you look on TV you start to worry as well. Big Brother, originally inspired by a novel on Totalitarian government, has given us some real trash and the recent celebrity edition put some more on the heap. One of the contestants was a 19 year old called Kenzie, who is i some kind of "band" called Blazin' Squad [only a geek would spell it "Blazing"] who spent most of the time with his shirt off talking like he was swallowing a sock. He obviously felt he was rather good because he has just released his autobiography.


Yes. So Kenzie, so famous I don't even know his second name, [he has a long way to go if he wants to be as famous as Madonna or Elvis] joins Jordan, Jodie Marsh and others in writing his life story before actually living it. Beckham already has several autobiographies, his wife too. Why do these people think the most minimal achievements matter?

The practice was started by Hitler, which sounds extreme but I'll say it anyway. He wrote his life story, Mein Kampf, in 1923, a full ten years before taking power and actually doing anything. Like the other people I have mentioned, the uptight little Austrian knew how tio get attention, and saw fit to tell the world all about himself before proving he was worth caring about. Nobody read it, nobody cared [whoops] and I seriously hope that the same happens to Kenzie and Jordan. Unlike Hitler, if we ignore them they WILL go away.

Adolf has a lot to answer for in this country. Young people learn more about him at school than they do about the entire histrory of their nation. And young people tend to get a little bit obsessed with him. Prince Harry's stupid error a few months ago led to the European Union seriously advocating a ban on showing the swastika. Luckily the British government said: "no", showing a rare grain of intelligence. I believe they didn't say "no" to placate the BNP, nor to acknowledge that the swastika is an ancient religious symbol. No. I believe they said "no" because going through with a ban would involve burning every single vandalised school desk and textbook in the country. Take THAT, ozone layer!!
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