Monday, April 18, 2005
  Fred is "dope"
With the death of one rock star, comes the rebirth of another. In other words, while Korn's guitarist Head has found God, Wes Borland is back in the game with Limp Bizkit. I kind of cringe that Wes has sold himself out somehow by joining LB. Despite rejuvenating his association with Fred Durst, whom I still think is a moron, I still hold my respect to the guy as a guitarist for being I dunno....pretty original I guess. His guitar work is worth me getting an album and opening my ears to it despite some dickweed rapping in the background. Hence, I have to say half-heartedly that I am looking forward to the new LB material with Borland on it.

Inevitably, Fred had to fire their replacement guitarist while being an asshole. - "Borland's return pushes his former replacement, Mike Smith, out of the lineup, a move about which Durst has no regrets. "We are very content with Mike being gone," Durst told the Limp Bizkit fan site,, in an interview posted Sunday. "We are the type of people that stay true to our family and our instincts and at any moment will act on intuition as a whole. Mike wasn't the guy. We had fun playing with him but always knew, in the back of our minds, that he wasn't where we needed him to be mentally. On that note, you can assume that the sh-- we are writing now is f---ing powerful and very emotionally laced with reality."When Smith joined Limp Bizkit in April 2003, Durst deemed their chemistry "dope." So dope, in fact, that he shelved the songs written since Borland's departure, some of which featured the guitar work of Ministry's Al Jourgensen, Weezer's Rivers Cuomo and Korn's Head, and began anew."
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