Wednesday, April 13, 2005
Some years ago during one warm, sunny English early summer afternoon, me and a housemate were walking back in from the town centre of Bedford towards our college boarding house, still in our 6th form school uniform but somewhat casual and slack after retiring from the school for the week. Unexpectedly, it started to rain. Really rain. It was maybe the first heavy rain of the year which was kinda reminisent of home. Anyway, we picked up pace with still another 5 minute walk to the college gates when all of a sudden it REALLY started to fucking rain. The sky was hosing us down with all that piss water it had been storing up there the rest of the year. We kept on running for a while still. But we decided moments later that it wasnt gonna make any difference coz we were walking back into the boarding house drenched either way. So what the hell, we made the most of it and enjoyed the first summer rain on the streets.

Somehow today I've come to realise how that has become symbolic to so many things for me. Life pisses shit on you a lot of times and a lot of times, you are gonna end up getting through covered in shit either way. Maybe I can't be arsed. Maybe I've lost motivation. Maybe I'm negative at times. But a pessimist I am most certainly not. I'm a realist. Take my word for it. Sometimes, you can run if you want, but you'll just end up covered in shit...and tired.
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