Saturday, February 12, 2005
  Rise of the Idiots
The BBC has yet again churned up some good good comedy for my boring Friday nights... Tonight, I discovered tv sitcom Nathan Barley. This first episode seemed to revolve around the thoughts and a single day in the life of journalist Dan Ashcroft who works for a magazine called Sugar Ape. The irony of his job is how he writes an article Rise of the Idiots, about the stupid idiots that surround and overwhelm his everyday life, for a magazine which represents everything he hates, including his co-workers. I thought the sitcom captured so gracefully the perception of the antisocialist. As Dan walks the street in his slow paced, depressive life with his derranged, unkept head and facial hair, he watches in disgust the streets filled with the stereotypes that every single one of us will encounter the moment we step out our doorstep. People who use cool, hip slang, wannabes, loud in-your-face people, and "adults" who are as mature as a grapefruit. He, like some of us, just wants to fuck off out of this place.

Idiot: I thought that article of yours was brilliant, man! Definitely the number 1 thing I've ever read!
Ashcroft: Really? What is your number 2?
Idiot: Umm...I dunno. Something I read a while back by some guy.
Ashcroft: Right. That was in a magazine was it?
Idiot: Yea....think so.

It accurately portrays the common idiot of today, while being subtle enough for idiots who might stumble onto this show not to realise that they are the target of the joke, and yet glorifyingly mocking enough for non-idiots to enjoy. Afterall, "the main way to recognise a Barley is that they don't recognise themselves". Mcgazz writes a pretty good review of this new series. The show also parodies the average "defunct publications" and "tiny-subscription wanky rubbish" only idiots would read. i.e. overpriced magazines that put attention-seeking titles on their front cover and names that have less meaning than a blank. The infamous T12 phone with a larger-than-life '5' button on the keypad because it is the "most commonly dialed number". Perhaps the show aims to mock the idiot-leaders and trend setters (or at least the medium that mass promotes it) of the world, that is none other than the media itself. MTV, teeny magazines, and major corporations that are just out there to screw you over for your money and cash in on your hunger and lust to be "in the crowd".

"I'm away from the herd mentality.Wo-oo-oo-oo, can you all see me?"

In anycase, if you're interested, you can go to their website at which was actually featured in the episode I saw. Dan Ashcroft. A man who cannot escape the rise of the idiots, and their grasp on even his family....something unfortunately I can relate to.
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