Wednesday, January 19, 2005
  Greatest British Parenting Skills #234: If you're too drunk to drive, get your 9yr old to do it.
A GIRL of nine crashed a car after her drunk dad allegedly told her to drive home.
The young girl is reported to have mounted a kerb, driven the wrong way down a street and ploughed into a house after stepping on the accelerator instead of the brake.
She caused extensive damage to the building but miraculously the nine-year-old, her father and two other passengers all escaped injury.
“There but for the grace of God, there were only minor injuries,” said Sgt Kevin Spurdle of Papatoetoe police in Auckland, New Zealand.
“I looked at the scene and thought, ‘hell’.”
Police believe the girl’s father had spent last Saturday night drinking before handing the keys to his daughter.
But she only managed to drive about 40 yards before losing control of the car at a roundabout and smashing into a pensioner’s home.
Doug Gilbert, 77, who was inside at the time, said afterwards: "If I'd been in the garden, I would have had it.
"I casually strolled out to the front and when I opened the door, there was this car that had driven into the house.
"The car was in a hell of a mess and the front of it was under the house."
Police are still considering what charges to press, according to website

From The Sun

I don't know whether to feel amused or really pissed off at how fucking stupid and irresponsible some people are. No, wait. Yea it's definitely the fucking pissed off. It's people like these that put innocent lives either in a wheelchair or in the grave.


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