Tuesday, January 18, 2005

"Singapore - Internet dating is on the rise in Singapore with men turning to popular websites outnumbering women by three to one, online agencies reported Monday.About 72 percent of the members of Singapore Cupid, one of the first dating sites in Singapore, are men.The site currently has more than 20 000 members, a jump from 9 000 in 2002.Those who sign up are not desperate and ugly, just single and anxious for company, The Straits Times found in a check of more than 10 000 profiles.They are between 26 and 30, hold a diploma or higher educational qualifications, and earn more than 25 000 Singapore dollars (about R80 000) a year.A turn-on for Singapore Cupid's male members is long hair on a woman. Their biggest turn-off is sarcasm.The women want men who are bold and assertive. They are not interested in males with body-piercing.Marketing executive Bertha Cheung said she turned to the Web because a club or pub is too noisy."At least on the Internet, after sending a few email messages, you have an idea of what the person is like," she was quoted as saying. - Sapa-dpa" From IOL.

So many stereotypes come to mind, I don't know which one to pick. And you know your country is becoming a land of dorks when people start feeling that emails are more personal than actually meeting somewhere. One day we will all be saying our marriage vows over the internet...

Stupid prudes.

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