Thursday, January 20, 2005 layout. I thought I'd try this one on and see if it grows on me... I know it isn't dark. It hasn't got any serpents in it.. it hasn't got any goth in it. And it certainly does NOT have enough S&M in it.. Let me know your thoughts Martha. Tell me all these precious revision hours have not been wasted for nothing!

I'm just really really really really....

really bored of revising.
then STOP. do some S&M. do it now.
Haha... I would if I could. But we need some artwork input onto this website.. Hey you should draw some stuff for us. I miss the days when I would try analysing and interpreting your 'dark' enigmatic handywork that you "claim" not to understand...heh. I was thinking you could draw something for us to put on the sidebar or something. Black and white is fine. I can adjust the tone and colour on photoshop anyway. Am looking forward to your first music review mr jones...:p
i'll review music. throw me a bone though. you know stuff like Good Charlotte and The Rasmus is like a red rag to a bull. subject me to the worst nu-metal shite and i'll get my claws out.
OK. Just don't post another blank post. I hope you're not struggling with the keyboard and mouse here...haha. I remember how you struggled with the washing machine back in Stoke. Can't believe you needed me to guide you the WHOLE year...haha. I hope does not become your cyber washing machine.
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