Monday, February 07, 2005
  Ich hab' Keine Lust
Ich habe kein Lust mich nicht zu hassen
Hab' keine Lust mich anzufassen
Ich hatte Lust zu onanieren
Hab' keine Lust es zu probieren
Ich hatte Lust mich auszuziehen
Hab' keine Lust mich nackt zu sehen
Ich hatte Lust mit groben Tiere
Hab' keine Lust es zu riskieren
Hab' keine Lust vom Schnee zu gehen
Hab' keine Lust zu erfrieren...
Watch Rammstein in fat suites headbanging out heavy riffs nu-metal style in their latest video Keine Lust. I always find myself trying to find out what their lyrics mean somehow. As much as I really like headbanging to their wouldn't be as much as liking to headbang to a song that might be saying that I find humans tasty. Afterall Mein Teil was inspired by the cannibal who made news in Germany in 2004. And I guess Rammstein was the only motivation I had for taking up German beginners class in my first year of uni. While most people would be listening to audiotapes reciting german, I guess I was blaring some Rammstein down my headphones learning to order a german sausage at a restaurant. I think currently my German has deteriorated to counting numbers.....and ordering a german sausage at a restaurant.
....with a window seat.
Once a german chick offered me a meal of "noodles" just because I impressed her with my german (okok...I was helping her fix her pc like the nerd I am). For a moment I was impressed this german chick could cook noodles. Turns out what they call 'noodles', we call spaghetti. I tend not to make it a habit of claiming I know german now since the last time was when I told her I knew german and she asked me a question in reeeeally fluent german (duh...she's german) and all I could say was..........Ya, and nod.

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