Monday, April 25, 2005
  Every so often I need to praise something..., I think I'll take this oppurtunity to congratualte the film maker Adam Curtis. Last year his three-part documentary The Power of Nightmares was shown on BBC, and later this year it will screened at Cannes' film festival the prestigious event which showed Fahrenheit 9/11 last year. Curtis' piece is on a similar subject, but is superior in every single respect, not just to Moore's film, but to just about anything else in the field. If you can get a chance to see it you will get a lot out of it. And at three hours you will be ready for bed straight after it.

On a similar theme, there is an election looming. As the englishman here [yes, I am a man, not a real leech, or indeed a used condom, as a rather unflattering picture of me suggests [see the February archive. I certainly don't remember the dirty event]], I may as well mouth off and state that I will be voting Liberal Democrat. Sure, the Green Party and Respect have more in common with my perspective, but the time has come for the end of the two-party hegemony in the UK, which this year pits Dracula's creepy brother against Tony Blair, a man who is Bush's friend [despite feeling a bit guilty about it, witness how all the loving meetings between the two have ceased in the election period. He wants us to forget about the war, so obvioulsy isn't too proud about it].

I will also be nominating Robert-Kilroy Silk. But that's strictly between me and my hit-man.
Isnt Kilroy a TV icon who does something similar to Jerry Springer? i.e. stir shit up on a stove? Anyway, Im not judging. If Arnie can take on politics, so can i right?
It's true, Arnie can do politics. But then bulls can go into china shops. Kilroy is a negative guy with negative views. He's like Jerry Springer, but a bit more arrogant.
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