Wednesday, April 12, 2006
  You are a non-commital, closed-off anti-socialite
...with possible career prospects in nowhere. Or so says the free personal pyschometric test, which is basically just a premium version of the occassional personality tests you get in email forwards. On a serious note, if you are looking for a graduate job, you may find the Graduate Recruitment Bureau useful. Due to large numbers of employers preferring pyschometric profiles for candidates, they are now on a free trial period that offers a professional online pyschometric test (worth £70 apparently) for registered users over the next few months. The test comprises of two parts; a personality test and a test of logical reasoning, verbal, mathematical and spatial skills. If you have at least half an hour to spare, you are rewarded with a fairly comprehensive analyis. An interesting summary from my personality test produced this:

Major strengths:
Faces up to issues without delay
Persevering and tenacious
Proactive in sorting out problems
Firm and decisive

Possible development needs:
Might be insensitive to the emotional impact on others of some of his decisions

Well, don't blame me for checking the sentence 'I don't feel upset when I see an animal killed on the road'...
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