Tuesday, April 04, 2006
  The Fuhrer lives on....on the soccer field
From the Spiegel Online:

"Leipzig's Nigerian midfielder Adebowale Ogungbure was walking off the pitch when hooligans ran up to him, spat at him and called him "Dirty Nigger," "Shit Nigger" and "Ape." He ignored it and walked on. Then, when he passed the main stand and heard fans making whooping monkey noises at him, he decided he'd had enough. He put two fingers above his mouth to symbolise a Hitler moustache and stuck out his right arm in a Nazi salute to the crowd.

Given their behavior, one might think they would have appreciated the gesture and even returned it. But a Halle supporter attacked him from behind with a corner flag and another grabbed him in a stranglehold. Ogungbure pushed them away as a teammate intervened and dragged him towards the tunnel, to the safety of the changing rooms.

"I was just so angry, I didn't care. I could have been killed but I had to do something," Ogungbure told SPIEGEL ONLINE last week. "I thought to myself, what can I do to get them as angry as they have made me? Then when I lifted my arm I saw the anger in their faces and I started to laugh.""
- via Drudge Report

Hmm... any guesses whether the guys who tackled Ogungbure were doing so out of offence for the 'Hitler' remarks? Funny that a racist should take offence to being called a racist. While the 'Hitler salute' may be offensive to a broader German audience than intended, it probably wasn't a good idea in the first place to tempt someone who could easily fire back at the exploitation of your historical shame. Ogungbure wasn't prosecuted for the salute of course, in a PR move that didn't want to say 'we support the racists'. But seems like the neo-nazis and far right NPD party are really planning to exploit this year's World Cup afterall, including a rally for support in Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who denied the Holocaust and suggested the elimination of Israel.
the free speech debate wont go away. in Germany that salute is ILLEGAL and usually results in the police paying a friendly visit [see the case of Egyptian footballer Ramzy, who did the same salute at a party a few yrs back].

to me that seems the same as those blasted cartoons. Ayman Al Zawahiri said they were disgusting, but HE'S the one telling Muslims to go and blow things up. he should be PROUD that Mohammed apparently wore a "bomb-turban". good on Ogungbure for standing up for himself. I hope the rest of Germany can see his point of view on this.

ps The Drudge Report??? Ann Coulter's favourite is your lunch time reading? Well, I suppose we would have nothing to talk about if we didn't take a dip in the sewers of political thought now and then.

pps guess who's going to the Reading Festival? I suppose it would be a boring story for me to tell you if it wasn't me.
What?! Have you purposely instilled envy in me because I happened to chance upon the Drudge Report without knowing it had any political alignment nor that it is a favourite amongst heinous people??? The only thing political on there today that caught my eye was Conservative Tom Delay's resigning. But if I come back next week as a far-right conservative, please let me know.

Yes the free speech debate haunts us. Personally, I blame Melanie Phillips (because i can blame her for anything knowing she can't logically defend herself). I was aware the salute is illegal in germany. I was just thinking, if only he had the british football fans at his disposal...

Anyway, have fun at the Reading festival...let me know how it goes.
Envy could be a powerful weapon against the yokelish right wing US press. Just imagine telling some isolated racist gun-nut: "If you ever read Ann Coulter again I'll come over and marry your sister. Then who will you have children with?? And if you ever read Newsmax again I'll steal your pigs too, you lonely pleasure-starved bastard."

I never got round to writing about smug Jack Straw. Feel free to toss together some offensive lines on my behalf. btw, I know it's your birthday in two weeks, but it's mine this Sunday. I don't usually advertise, but all this bastardising can make a leech need some affection.
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