Tuesday, April 11, 2006
  The New Ann Coulter
Do you really need a synopsis for this book??

"If only liberals were half as angry at the people who flew planes into our skyscrapers as they are with Tom DeLay, we might have two patriotic parties in this country."

- From anncoulter.com

Her latest entry on her website fires off with a remark against liberals so typical of the Right; a reference to something that is completely unrelated to the issue. What is with their obsession with associating Liberal disdain for the opposition with sympathy for terrorists may I ask? It is evidently derivative of Bush's "you're either with us or against us" mentality.

Looking through her reading list, I was slightly bemused at the affirmation of my guess that right-wingers consisting of people such as herself either don't have a clue about Islam, or have a construed concept about it. Well done, Ann. You've read one book on Islam and that makes you an Islam expert, or to have the self-confidence anyway to judge it. Secondly, on further inspection of Ann's Bible to Islam, Unveiling Islam, you will find that the author Ergun Mehmet Caner is not exactly the most credible of authors, who is a muslim-turned-christian. What better person to shine bad light on a religion than to ask a person who has shuned away from it. Sure you may learn something about Islam from the book. But you would be doing yourself a disfavour by limiting it to one book... There is one method of learning the religion that will exceed any book, and that is to ask none other than a muslim (I can already hear the Republicans whipping out their guns). Any guesses as to how many muslim friends the average right-winger has? If there has been one thing that I have learnt from my own muslim friends from across the world, it's that Islam is not only geographically diverse, but practiced and interpreted differently in different societies.

Of course, the Coulter-types will happily read and promote anything that does not stray from their firm belief of Islam. It becomes a them-versus-us, in a gross generalisation of muslims. And they will attack anything from Burkas to your Sharia Laws, to the Halal meat that you eat.

If Ann Coulter's rants and verbal attacks on Liberals sound more like nails on a chalkboard to you, then how bout' a more relevant tongue-in-cheek poke at Tom DeLay at Pink Dome? How ironic as well that they are from Red State Texas...

"How fitting it is! Its called "Godless" The Church of Liberalism. And its fitting that it comes out on 6/6/06 ! Isnt it amazing how she can get liberals to have screaming fits, even before they know what the book is about!"

you're attacking the evils of the right with such verve that I don't feel so guilty about my lack of posts.

If only the Reagan administration had half a mind to stop funding Afghan jihadists then maybe there would be two more towers in her country. Stupid bitch
To point out the best way is to read yourself the entire book and also the Hadith and than decide
To point out also, we should be wary the difference between the -ism and the -ist. Knowing the literature does not necessarily mean knowing the worshippers. Just as knowing the bible does not necessarily mean knowing whether he/she is catholic or christian, protestant or methodist.
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