Monday, April 11, 2005
  Virtual Love (for the desperate)
I was checking my email one day and guess what I received as a junkmail (Junkmail to me might not necessarily be junkmail to other people, so for those who do consider it non-junkmail, apologies) - that’s invitation to join an internet dating service. Not just any dating...but specifically “christian dating” - to meet a soulmate with christian values.

The reason I’m bringing this up is not just because its a specified line of dating requirement, but because of the insane idea of needing the internet to find a partner. I may be anti-social but golly me I’m glad I have not been forced to resort to the virtual world to find a boyfriend! Okay, maybe some people just use it for fun to find casual dates (that’s another story), but I am sure that there are some desperados out there that actually do this for real. Proof? Okay, last year my boyfriend’s dad came home from work and asked bf and I to look the internet up for any personal ad websites. Why, we asked? His reply, he has a colleague from work who was single and wanted to find a man but was too shy to find one out in the outside world so wanted to use the internet instead. This made me wonder so, “What’s wrong with her? Is she that horrendous or something? Does she have a finger growing out of her nostrils? Does she have only one jaw full of teeth? (‘Cos come on, if you met someone with a finger coming OUT of her nose instead of going in, or just have teeth on her upper jaw, it would freak you out, no? It’d bloody well freak me out!........but it’s not her fault, so be kind.) Anyways, I only found out that she’s about 50 years of age and wants a man, so that wasn’t a lot of information but at least I get to imagine all sorts of physical shit that my mind is capable of. But look, a 50 year old woman who needs a man quick and will turn to the internet IS sorta desperate, right? Okay, I’ll be flexible. I think that with all this chatting and friendly communities online, you are bound to meet nice, decent people who are seriously wanting to make friends online, and maybe some people will fall for each other after a while. Okay. Fair enough. But to go on the net with the sole purpose of finding love is just ...strange. Ah end that bf decided to give her a website that is basically for people to find sugardaddies. I wish her lots of luck in finding a rich old git and scraping every last penny off the poor dude.

Now...sugardaddies...that’s another different story. One which I will save for next time!
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