Sunday, April 10, 2005
  I have Kylie's ass. So do you.
What is all this obsession with Kylie Minogue’s ass? As far as I can see, Kylie doesn’t have a round bum like we all think. Sure she’s got a nice ass, but she’s got a normal white woman’s ass and that’s a small sorta flat bum. If I were walking around and sticking my ass out on purpose I would look just like kylie and her ass.(Try it, you’ll see what I mean). But I don’t. Mainly because I don’t want to end up with a back problem just so that guys will notice my ass sticking out unnaturally from my body. And secondly, because I have a nice ass already. No effort needed.

And may I again say that I used to like Kylie. But not after the whole vain thing. Let me refresh your memories:
Kylie (in magazine interview): “I don’t try to be a sex idol. I just am one.”

*PUKE* the modesty is overwhelming!
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