Friday, February 25, 2005
I'm feeling very guilty about not contributing to the blog for a while - but with Clyde's stuff, I don't think anyone will miss me much. I blame all this inconvenience on the lack of employment and parents that won't give me allowances (hey I'm ONLY 23!!), and of course, thanks to the slow dial-up system that I'm stuck with...words cannot express just how stressed I get just trying to load a website. But have no fear, for soon (just not soon enough) we'll be getting broadband here and then the internet will see Martha on the net every hour every day every week every month like the sad git that she really is (similar to Clyde). I've only got $2 on this internet card and all I wanna tell you all is that this morning I caught a teenage python in the chicken coop. Cos it ate one of my chicks. I caught it with my handsss...and then I released it into the jungle in the afternoon *sniff* I wanted the snake but belongs in the wild. I will be posting up pics and many other stuff as soon as broadband arrives, I promise! As for now...I have to go.

P/s: Did you know someone actually used my credit card all the way in Germany? The bastard. Make trouble for me only. I was the one who had to spend money calling all the way to UK (India actually, that's where they've set up their customer service line..hmm) and I'm the one who had to waste time trying to sort all this shit out. I hope he gets run down by a car and then squashed by a trailer. I hope he/she fucking dieeeeeeeeeeesss!!
Ack! The contrast of red on shitty red/brown hurts my eyes.. I wanna play you that song by the Offspring that tells you 'Now now why don't you get a job?!' haha... Why are you broke anyway?? Didn't John bring enough of his superior currency over to live like a king? Hurry up and get broadband so we can showdown like ol' times and dork some more.
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