Monday, January 03, 2005
  The Mullet Lives On....
If anyone else out there is as bored as I am, then here's a great website I think you should see. It's one of my favourites, so you had better like it too.

(and make sure you click on the link where it says if you're new to the site!!)

Enjoy. And remember, mullets are extremely sexy and will help you to attract members of the other sex (or the same. or both.), and due to this very reason, I strongly recommend that mullets be the next hairstyle you get.

UPDATE: I've included a picture on behalf of Martha from the website. MulletJunky will forever be an inspiration to our blog... :P -Clyde.

Common names for the mullet include (but are not limited to) : The Ape Drape. The Tennessee Waterfall. The 10/90 (the proportion of hair in front to hair in back). The Mud Flap. 7 (shape of the #) The Long Island Ice Teased. Business on Top-Party Out Back. Achy-Breaky-Big Mistakey. Yep-Nope.

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