Wednesday, January 05, 2005
  Cut it off. Cut if ALL off.
I was reading the local newspaper earlier today and came across this article:

"Castrated hubby survives ordeal"

Hmm sounds interesting.

Apparently a teacher in Malaysia had his genitals severed by his wife in a fit of jealousy and anger over suspicions of him having an affair with another woman. The man was initially taken to the hospital following the incident but the doctors were unable to perform surgery since the severed part was not left behind. The woman is now staying with relatives somewhere else in fear of retaliation from the husband's relatives.

LOL this isn't the first case of genital-removal of sneaky two-timing husbands that I've heard of, and it most probably will not be the last. I have to admit, I applaud the woman's work of art. But only if the guy really was having an affair, if not, then I pity the guy who will probably have to pee like a girl, or is it in a bag? Bloody hell, I must sound like an emotionless pig! Wait..I am an emotionless pig! Ah well!!

Anyways, cases like this bring to mind the punishment rapists get. I don't know about other countries, but if I remember correctly, in the UK it's only several years in prison, isn't it? And aren't the prisons there like 5-star hotels? And there's that thing about "part-time prison" where the guy can go to work during the day and at night he goes to jail. Fucking hell, that's like going to a hotel then? What's his punishment then? To just go to sleep? I mean, what's the point of having prisons if the prisoners aren't going to suffer? I say bring back the torture chamber. If no one wants to work there, I will kindly volunteer my precious time for this just cause.

Back to my main point - rapists. Even here I don't think there's much more than some years in jail. In Malaysia, they have several cases of fathers raping their young daughters, and by young, I mean less than 10 years old. And in some cases, some crazy fuckhead even tried to rape a baby. A BABY??! What the hell do they see in babies??! Why don't they fuck a bloody keyhole then eh? And all they get is what...6-7 years in jail, maybe less? Only recently on the news was a case about this 9 year old girl that had been missing (in Malaysia) and they found out that she had been raped and murdered by this guy, but I don't remember what he got for it. I was telling my mother that they should just hand the guy over to the girl's family and let them deal with it. That would be the best punishment I bet. I'd probably stick a fucking telephone pole up his ass or something, maybe make a kebab out of his balls then feed em to the cats. And that's just the start.

But honestly folks, don't you think that just throwing rapists in prison is useless? Cos from what I've seen over the years, most of these rapists are going to rape again, and again, and again! And god knows about the cases that never get reported! Martha says why don't they just cut off their dicks eh? It would totally solve the problem once and for all, and will make sure other rapist-wannabes will think twice before they even glance at a girl the wrong way. Once, I had voiced this personal opinion of mine to someone, and that someone said that I am being too excessive and these people, either the guys in prison, or rapists, still have their human rights. Fine. Maybe the prisoners do but rapists? RAPISTS? Rapists and human rights don't seem to go hand-in-hand and you wanna know why I think so? Because were they thinking of any human rights when they were busy raping girls and kids? I highly doubt it! And raping is I think the worst thing you could do to a person, besides murdering. ... Everybody knows that, so why don't they? So I say fuck them (not in a literal way) and cut their dicks off! And to make it more interesting, let the families of the victims do the honours. Or else, just let me do it. I've got just the cleaver to do the job.

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